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Tri-Township History

In over 65 years of operation, Tri-Township has developed the belief that winning isn't everything. More important than winning, is teaching the children to exercise tolerance and modesty in victory and to accept defeat graciously. We want the children in our programs to develop a spirit of cooperation and team play. Our youngest players are in a purely instructional program. As players progress through the age groups, instruction is continually emphasized, although the competitiveness of sports increases as the child's age increases.

Baseball League History

Over fifty years ago, a group of men dedicated to the youth of America met in a suburb of Trenton, New Jersey, and formed what became the very first Babe Ruth League. The program was renamed in 1954 when Claire Ruth, Babe Ruth's widow, who had learned of the merits of the organization and its tremendous growth, met with the administrators. She subsequently gave the organization permission to change its name to Babe Ruth League. She has been quoted as saying, "Babe Ruth was a man who loved children and baseball; he could receive no greater tribute than to have a youth baseball program named after him." Babe Ruth League, Inc. caught on nationally, then internationally. It now ranks as the premier amateur baseball and softball program in the world. Babe Ruth League, Inc. has increased steadily from its first 10-team league in Hamilton Township, New Jersey, to its present combined size of over 886,500 players on some 45,200 teams in more than 7,315 leagues. Local leagues are independent within the guidelines provided by Babe Ruth League International Board. Since 1982 the Bambino Division now Cal Ripken's Division of Babe Ruth Baseball is a reality, serving the baseball needs for young people 12 and under. More information about Babe Ruth and Cal Ripken baseball is available at: